March 23, 2011


{Gap sweater, H&M tee and belt, Macy's skirt, Marshall's shoes}
Rather than tell you what inspired this outfit, I'll tell you about what didn't inspire me to wear this today. Between a flat tire at 8am on the highway, the rain that started up later, and the heel I broke before my meeting, everything suggested that I should have gone with bib overalls and rain boots. 

The funny thing is, those things never need to slow you down. And I didn't let them. Well, momentarily while my tire was being changed and while I repaired my heel at the pizzeria... But! Compared to the chain of successful events that enabled me to jump out of an airplane and safely reach the ground on Sunday, I'll take a broken heel any day. A little perspective goes a long way. 13,500 feet to be exact.


  1. I hate all my clothes. Give me yours. Kaythanksloveyoubye.

  2. Ps. I hope you are happy that I am reading your blog instead of studying for stats. DAMM YOU