June 1, 2012


Four. Seasons. The length of time and only indication of how far I had come and how far I had to go. In what was the longest and most difficult year of my life,  I went through just under 2,500 hours of lecture and 66 exams in 50 weeks. Knowing what season I was in was an accomplishment in itself. 

     {Salted Caramel Cupcakes for Fall fundraiser//Kraft paper wrapped Christmas gifts}
        {San Jose Hotel, Austin, TX//Spring's first tulips at Longwood Gardens}
Monday brings a new chapter and a new challenge on my road to becoming a PA - clinical rotations.  As much as I hope my patients present with a multiple choice set of diseases and giveaway symptoms,  I know the story will be much different. And I can't say that I'm all that worried. After all, it's what I've been after all these years. So in true Beatles fashion, I have to say there really is a time to every purpose. And now's my time to help make people feel a little better every day. 


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