May 5, 2011

Wild and Precious

3,498. That's the total number of miles driven by myself and a friend through the southwestern United States a few weeks ago. To summarize even a fraction of what I saw, tasted, experienced and learned would take twenty posts and ten years. And there's nothing worse than flipping endlessly through someone's vacation pictures. Great, we get it, you had a great time. But honestly, the Southwest is by far the most beautiful, wild and utterly breathtaking region of the country. Hands down.

Somewhere between riding through Monument Valley on horseback to watching the sun set on the Grand Canyon's South Rim, I realized something terribly simple. Life is up for the taking. It's just there, sitting in front of you, a blank page waiting for you to start writing. It doesn't take a special skill, knowledge or prerequisite to take advantage of. It's always there for the living.You just need to start doing it.

And that's exactly what I'm doing, day after day.

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