April 11, 2011

A Good Sign

I'm in Albany. It's 83 degrees. I've spent the last two days sleeping more than a cat, planning my next meal while I was in the middle of one, read-napping and reaching a point of relaxation somewhat nearing a coma. I'm here to visit my college friend and celebrate life after work. I've decided to take time off before graduate school starts next month and I can't say I've ever made a better decision. Except for that time I had Coldstone ice cream two days in a row. And by "that time" I mean today and yesterday... In any event, it's amazing what you can get done in the space of a day without work. So after spending the better half of the morning cleaning, practicing cartwheels and sifting through thrift store racks, I thought I'd make myself somewhat useful and have supper on the table when Steph got home. I'm no Martha, but the empty plates were a good sign.

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