March 5, 2011

Enough Already

It's 10pm and I've been nail biting my way through this first post since lunch. So here goes. I can't exactly tell you how this blog came about, but what I can give you is a rough run down. Six months ago I would have never believed I'd be sitting here starting a style blog. But when I realized the best part of my morning is thinking up and putting my outfit together for work (which usually occurs somewhere between shampoo and conditioner), suddenly it didn't seem so crazy. And so it begins, my foray into the style blogging world. And what's blogging without a steaming cup of coffee to keep you going? 

                              {French press from Sur la Table}

I recently purchased this French press on a recommendation. I thought coffee was coffee no matter how you made it, but oh how the mighty do fall. And fall I have for this simple glass contraption. It's easy to use, brews in four minutes, and keeps essential oils and antioxidants in the coffee. Genius!

And yes, I know what you're thinking. You can't wear a French press Case. Bare with me...I'm getting there. Tomorrow I'll be going to a friend's wedding, so playing dress up and taking pictures is on deck.

Until then, enjoy the coffee.

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